Green Paper

Green Paper

One of the results of Create 2 Evaluate is a tailored Green Paper to advance the debate and stimulate the discussion on policy formulation, implementation and evaluation of AE, together with a specific Training Suite for the target groups of policy makers to guide them with step-by-step procedures on the use and implementation of the tools to evaluate policy interventions in the domain of AE;

The idea behind is to allow the upscale of the CREATE 2 Evaluate project results while igniting the policy dialogue and exchange on how to advance the discourse on the importance of adult education as a whole for socio-economic development and integration.

These outputs are devoted to the cohort of policy makers for their adoption of the tools in operational environments, providing capacity building elements. More, they are targeted to the whole range of local, regional, national and EU policy makers to sensitise them on the importance of robust policy formulation and evaluation in AE.


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