Adult Education ( General or vocational education provided for adults after initial education and training for professional and/or personal purposes and which aims to: • Provide general education for adults in topics of particular interest to them (eg. in Open Universities) • Provide compensatory learning in basic skills which individuals may not have acquired earlier in their initial education or training (such as literacy, numeracy) and thus to; • Give access to qualifications not gained, for various reasons, in the initial education and training system • Acquire, improve or update knowledge, skills, or competencies in a specific field: this is continuing education and training Comment: Adult education is close to, but not synonymous with, continuing education and training


Policy can be defined as a set of principles underpinning and guiding decision making within an adult education agent/agency. Policy may be a comprehensive statement providing an overarching structure from signal of intent to the final outcome. The policy of the adult education agent/agency should guide the achievement of outcomes for that agent/agency. However, where policy does not result in expected outcomes, policy statements remain valid as an intent. (


Sectors (eg. social, economic development etc) A particular sector of a country's economy is the part connected with that specified type of industry.(

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