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Create 2 Evaluate

Evaluation and Valorisation are crucial steps in creating viable strategies with long-term benefits. Yet many AE policies on the local and regional levels are not systematically evaluated. This is partly due to policy makers lacking the appropriate tools.

CREATE 2 EVALUATE addresses this gap by designing a set of useful tools and templates to help AE policy makers and agents active in the AE policy processes evaluate existing strategies, draw actionable conclusions and design better strategies in the future. Far from asking policy makers to justify their work it will help them structure their internal work processes more efficiently as well as improve the quality of resulting programmes. To make the new tools available the consortium, consisting of eight partners from seven countries, will adjust the platform designed for the preceding project CREATE to meet the new requirements.

CREATE 2 Evaluate is indeed a follow-up of ‘Competitive Regions and Employability of Adults through Education’ (CREATE) which ran from 2017 to 2019. This project aimed and still aims to enhance performance and efficiency in adult education by addressing the gap between EU/national strategies and local/regional implementation as well as the challenge of formulating appropriate AE policy. The goal is to enable policy makers to better coordinate and plan policy, share experiences and enhance inter-regional and cross-border cooperation. To that aim the CREATE consortium created an open resource Toolbox containing useful tools, best practice cases as well as networks for relevant stages of the policy cycle.

In addition to creating the evaluation tools, CREATE 2 EVALUATE will provide support for implementation by designing guiding documents which will facilitate up-take and increase impact at systemic level. Stimulate the debate around the role of evaluation in strategies and the policy cycle to improve the image of evaluation – not as a means to find blame and point fingers, but as a way to improve the processes and outcomes to the benefit of all involved.

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