CREATE and CREATE 2 Evaluate ToolBox is developed with a view to ensure that local and regional policy makers from across Europe will be able to use the policy tools to better plan, design, implement and monitor Adult Education policies with a clear vision of sustainability of public funding in AE. The CREATE and CREATE 2 EvaluateToolBox will comprise a series of practical tools for policy makers to ensure evidence-based policy making and better align AE policies and programmes with local socio-economic development. The CREATE and CREATE 2 EvaluateToolBox will be made available for free in 6 different language versions to ensure the widest visibility and adoption.

The CREATE and CREATE 2 EvaluateToolBox contains policy tools and resources in support of regional/local policy makers to formulate better and more relevant Adult Education and Training solutions and programmes. The CREATE and CREATE 2 EvaluateToolBox will also allow regional/local policy makers to better align and integrate AE interventions with local economic development strategies.

CREATE2Evaluate consortium has validated the ToolBox with stakeholders, policy makers, practitioners. Partners involved more than 50 stakeholders in the validation of the policy tools, representing the cohort of participants in the AE policy ecosystem, i.e. policy makers at any layer of governance, AE organisations and providers, civil society, practitioners from research and academia, etc. In this validation round, partners tested with the stakeholders the tools and gauged with real users and target groups the validity, relevance, and efficacy of the tools. Here you can find the report on validation with stakeholders:
Validation report

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