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Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Neamt


Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Neamt sustine patru piloni insitutionali: ELEVII, PROFESORII, SCOALA si COMUNITATEA, cu obiectiv principal dezvoltarea lor personala si profesionala. Cele patru elemente contribuie la educarea si formarea cetatenilor, prin faptul ca ISJ atinge standardele de excelenta, oferind beneficiarilor increderea ca educatia este investitia de baza a viitorului.

Inspectoratul Scolar Judetean Neamt (ISJ) este insitutia care aplica politicile educationale ale Ministerului Educatiei , valorificand potentialul creator al copiilor, elevilor, tinerilor si profesorilor, creand premisele dezvoltarii personale a adultilor in vederea unui sens al aspiratiilor si telurilor personale, pe tot parcursul vietii.
A. Management institutional: Managementul RU, Dezvoltarea RU (AE), Proiecte educationale inclusive AE), Minoritati (inclusive AE).
B. Curriculum si inspetie scolara: discipline scolare (arii curriculare si discipline scolare) si monitorizarea programelor pentru sanse egale la educatie.


Agency of Adult and Continuing Education (AEWB)

In 2004/05 the Government of Lower Saxony and the Lower Saxonian Adult Education Association (nbeb) established the Agency of Adult and Continuing Education (AEWB) to support the work of adult education providers in the state.

According to the Lower Saxonian Adult Education Act of 2004, the AEWB is the central service organisation for all adult education providers in Lower Saxony elligible to public co-funding by the state. It is central to the provision of staff training for adult education providers as well as responsible for quality management and consulting among its member institutions and for networking, development and innovation in the area of adult education.

AEWB has been involved in EU-funded projects since 2012, both as coordinator and partner.


CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research

CASE – Center for Social and Economic Research is an independent, non-profit research institute founded on the idea that research-based policy-making is vital for the economic welfare of societies. Established in Warsaw in 1991, CASE today is recognized as the top think tank in Central and Eastern Europe and is one of the most highly regarded think tanks internationally. CASE carries out policy-oriented research and development assistance projects, specializing in the areas of: 1) Fiscal, monetary and financial policies 2) Sustainable development policies 3) Trade, innovation and productivity policies. Drawing on an experienced in-house staff, a network of fellows, and a database of approximately 1,000 experts, CASE provides rigorous quantitative and qualitative analyses, innovative methodologies, and sound recommendations.

CASE expert team combines a diverse knowledge of professional and qualitative research techniques and proficiency in data analysis and interpretation. CASE has conducted numerous studies and economic analysis in various research areas, widely using various state-of-the-art economic models, modern empirical methods, econometric analysis tools, and providing both academic research in the form of reports (methodological, technical, analytical) and policy recommendations structured along the relevant research questions (in the form of policy oriented working papers, policy e-briefs, publications). Broad experience of CASE experts in provision of reports and policy recommendations guarantees precise analytical thinking, broad viewpoint on the research concept and research deliverables of the highest quality.

Our Europe — CASE Strategy for the biennium 2019-2020. The mission Our Europe means promoting the understanding of the value (but also the limits) of an economically and institutionally-integrated Europe, and, in particular, the membership of Poland and other CEECs in the EU, and providing high quality evidence and advice in support of better future EU policy making. The debate on the future of the EU gets increasingly political and evidence is often either not provided or swept under the carpet. The CASE mission statement builds on working closely with European stakeholders and providing evidence on European policy issues, and it connects these activities to our local mission of promoting good economic policy in Poland and the CEECs.



IDP, with branch offices in Italy and in Brussels, was established in 1996 by partners working since 1991 in Brussels in the frame of EU policies and EU funding programmes.

It relies on more than 20 year experience in the development, submission and management of successful EU projects. Since 1999, IDP develops and carries out also specialised training courses for VET and Adult learners focused exclusively on EU related issues (EU Institutions, policies, programmes, project management etc), delivering an average of +1000 hrs/year of training to +550 adult attendees/year.

IDP organises also study visits in Brussels to the EU Institutions or the participation of groups of AL to major EU events (such as the Open Days of DG Regio); moreover, it takes part in all EU events held in Brussels (Info days, conferences, meetings etc) and has regulars contacts with officers and representatives of Brussels-based Institutions, practitioners, associations and projects.

As a training service provider, IDP organises, manages and delivers high quality specialised training for Local and other public authorities, focusing on the various aspects of project management, planning, financial management, implementation, fund-raising, etc In addition to serving the public and third sector, IDP offers services to institutional clients from both national and regional governments. Moreover, IDP is currently a contractor of the EU Institutions/Agencies having been awarded in 2010 two contracts on the basis of competitive bidding.


IHF, Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl

IHF, Institut de Haute Formation aux Politiques Communautaires asbl, is a non profit organisation established in Brussels (Belgium) in 2003. The principal aim of IHF is to provide the community (including non profit and local authorities) with assistance for the development of a wider international cooperation through activities of specialised training on European policies and the dissemination of European values.

One of the means to reach this objective is the organisation of highly specialised courses and seminars focused at the development of European projects.

The courses focus on EU Policies and Legislation, International Relations and Project Management, promoting the possibility to participate in EU-funded programmes.IHF organises also study groups to Brussels for young graduates, local authorities representatives, SMEs, Universities, promoting mobility activities at different training levels.

Since 2004 IHF organised more than 40 study visits to Brussels for more than 500 people.IHF took part as associate partner in previous EU funded projects, contributing mainly to Disseminaton and exploitation activities.

IHF provides further assistance through continuous monitoring of EU legislation and European Institution activities, and consequent spread of related information, assistance in the search for partners and building up of networks.Thanks to its presence in Brussels IHF asbl developed relevant experience in the organisation of Dissemination and Valorisation activities at EU level, through contacts with MEPs, other European associations and Institutions, stakeholders, consumers groups etc.



Internet Web Solutions is a leading provider of information technology (IT) and engineering services based in Málaga. Its business plan has received the finalist award from the City of Madrid in the National Business Competition sponsored by IdeCesem Business School.

Internet Web Solutions is specialized in domains like Professional Web Design,Web Development,Software Development,E-Commerce Solutions,E-learning projects and SEO strategies.It also provides online marketing solutions and quality translation services.

Internet Web Solutions is providing high-tech,custom and quality web design,Outsourced Web Development and Software Development services with latest and emerging Web Technologies,in particular PHP,Java Script,AjAx and newest DHTML IT languages.

Internet Web Solutions has a result-oriented team under one roof that comprises of Software/Web/Creative Designers, Developers, SEO Experts, Programmers, Software Developers and Marketing professionals.

Our aim is to make IT technology much more accessible to general and specialized public.


Maynooth University - National University of Ireland Maynooth

The last two decades have seen Maynooth University grow rapidly in scale and stature. Today, with more than 11,000 students and extensive research activities. The university is a wonderful place to learn, the teaching is excellent, delivered by leading international researchers who are committed and connect to their students. Department of Adult and Community Education

Established in 1975 National University Maynooth Department of Adult and Community Education is the only academic department that specialises in adult education in Ireland, and it is at the forefront of teaching, training, research and development. We believe that education is a fundamental human right and collaborative, critical adult education has the power to transform individuals and change society for the better


Municipality of Pescara

Municipality of Pescara carries out promotion of cultural, social, educational, economic and environmental values. The Municipality of Pescara develops local strategies and plans to maintain and improve such essential aspects as adult educantion and related policies. European Projects department is developing a series of projects such as Life, Interreg MED.
In this sense, the Municipality of Pescara collaborates in the European project Create 2 Evaluate.

The objective of Create 2 Evaluate is to advance the formulation of effective adult education policies and programmes through the development of reliable tools for the evaluation of adult education policies at various layers of governance, with a focus on the local/regional level. The Specific Objective is to empower and equip policy and decision-makers with tools that allow to effectively monitor and evaluate the impact of adult education and feed into the policy loops. The Municipality of Pescara cooperation is based on its direct links with the policymaking process and its experience developing and evaluating adult education policies at the local level.


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